East Bali Tour Package

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East bali Tour Package

Goa Lawah

The Bat Cave where shrines cluster around the entrance to a cave which is said to extend all the way underground to a small temple, Pura Goa, in the Besakih Complex, right on the slopes of Mount Agung. This cave is said to be the dwelling of the mythological naga serpent, Basuki, who is honoured by a small shrine within the temple. 

Bat Cave Temple

Around the mounth of the cave cluster thousands of bats, their high-pitched squeks filling the air, tiny quivering bodies packed together in an undulating mass. As with many temple are considered very holy by all Balinese and groups of devotees come with offering to complete their post-cremation “segara gunung” ceremonies for the souls of their deceased.

Goa Lawah

Virgin Beach

Beautiful white sand beach in East of Bali.

White sand beach

Taman Ujung

is royal site located near the beach Tumbu village, Karangasem district that was developed as one of the tourism region of Karangasem regency. The distance ± 5 kilometer from city Amlapura the district capital to the south ± 15 km from tourist area of Candi Dasa beach, and approximately 60 km from Denpasar. ( Edge Sukasada Park ) was built in 1919. In the area , there are some buildings also large and spacious pool. There are three or entrance gate to the park area. The main gate is at a height on the west side as an entrance that is called “Bale Ship“ because the build was once made to resemble a ship. Furthermore, this bale of our entrance into the park area with hundreds of fruits down the stairs. From this spot the entire area of the park can be enjoyed.

According to the predicate as the Kingdom Water Park on the Water Place, The Park has three large pool and spacious. In the middle of the pond, they have on the extreme north of main building called “ Gili Bale “ which area connected by bridges to the south. In the middle of the of this pond there are statues and flower pots. West of the pond Iwhere there is the little high circular building, called Bale Bunder which functioned as a place to enjoy the beauty of the park and surrounding scenery. North west Bale Bunder, high terrace area there along rectangular building called “ Bale Lunjuk”. There are about 107 steps to the building from the east. In the middle of pond II on the south side of the pond I found a building called “ Bale Kambang”. This building once served as a banquet for the quest of the kingdom. In the east there a swimming poll called Swimming Dirah first and is the pond created by King of Karangasem.

Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga

Tirtagangga Park is one of the attractions that are located in the Village Ababi, District Abang, Bali. The distance is about 5 km to the north of the City Amlapura – the district capital – built in 1948 by Karangasem King Anak Agung Ketut Karangasem Anglurah.Park Development of Tirta Ganga originated from the discovery of a large fountain in the village of Ababi, this discovery later inspired Karangasem King Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem to build a park that can be utilized as a means of recreation by the royal family at that time. The name of Tirta Ganga itself comes from two elements namely the word “Tirta” which means water that is blessed while “Ganga” is the name of a holy river in India.Tirta Ganga Tour Park that was built in 1948 is supported by good road access and adequate transportation facilities, these places had become so easy to visit. Cluster of verdant hills and the expanse of terracing rice fields with a neat will give a deep impression for the visitors of Tirta Ganga Park.

In the park area there is a large pool decorated with various statues and ornaments unique water, while at the top of the park, which banyan tree stood firm as if the umbrella palinggih or Pura contained in these attractions. Gusts of wind that carries the water vapor as well as colorful flowers that adorn the garden area presents its own coolness and exoticism for travelers. A number of lodgings, restaurants and shops that display various handicrafts for tourists looking line up neatly outside the park. No exception for visitors who want to taste the local specialties such as mangosteen fruits, small stalls in the parking area, the merchant like competing to selling their product.

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