Trekking to Mount Agung

Towering 3,142 metres above sea level, Mount Agung is the highest mountain on the island of Bali and the fifth highest volcano in the whole of Indonesia.

Mount Agung has huge spiritual significance to the people of the island, and is home to the ‘Mother Temple’ of Besakih. It forms part of a chain of volcanos that make up the back bone of Bali.

Climbing Mount Agung Routes

From Besakih (west). This is a demanding climb starting close to Besakih temple. The ascent will take about 6 to 7 hours and ends at the very highest point of the mountain. The final hour or so is exceptionally demanding often requiring ascent on all fours. A sensible start time is about 11PM, so that you arrive at the top before dawn and wait for the sunrise. Allow as long to get down as it took you to get up.

Climb Mount Agung Itinerary :

(Approximate Hiking Time 12 Hours)

From Pura Pasar Agung (south). A three to four hour climb during which you ascend about 1,800 metres. The first third of the climb is a dusty path through a forest (which can be very slippery in the dry season). During the second third you will walk over broken rock and the the final third includes some climbing over solified lava. Not as stiff as the Besakih route. Strenght, rather than endurance will be the limiting factor for most people. The route ends about 100 metres below the actual summit, but the views are still excellent, and you can look into the crater. A sensible start time would be about 2:30 AM, again with aim of reaching the peak just before dawn.

A new way turn left at the middle of the climbing to reach the summit in 4 hours. Only experienced people can follow this path.

Climb Mount Agung Itinerary :

(Approximate Hiking Time 8 Hours)

Facilities Include For the trek to Mt Agung :

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