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Sidemen Rice Fields Trekking

The beauty of Bali’s irrigated rice fields is unsurpassed. Tier upon tier of hand sculpted paddis shape the country side in and ever changing panorama of colour. streams are dammed far up hill, and water is syphoned off through hand built channels to fields far distant in a complex system that guarantees equal division amongst all farmers in times of limited supply. smaller dams and tiny weirs divide and re divide the streams, regulating the cascades of water in a series of waterfalls and pipes that ensure the furthest field receive their life giving supply.

Trekking rice fields in sidemen will give you new experience. Through the Sidemen rice fields to the west of village will take you to the one of the highest temple in sidemen


The farmer friendly will usually smile to you,

we’re local guide in sidemen, want trekking with us just sent an e-mail

only Rp 75,000/hour