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Endek and songket weaving

Perhaps the most popular cloth in bali is the locally made Endek, ikat weaving made on simple hand looms in which the weft is tied (ikat) in prearranged patterns and dyed prior to weaving. up to five colours are obtained in a lengthy process of retying and dyeing in a series of different designs and colours.
the most common thread is the locally made rayon and cotton, or a combination of both. in the most expensive materials pure silk is used. multiple hues are used from rich dark browns and blues to pastel shades of yellow, orange, green, grey, and red.
the resulting cloth is both colour fast and durable, and make attractive formal and casual wear. traditionally it is used in religious and formal attire as a wrapped around “kain”, which hangs beautifully, falling in folds according to the style favoured by the wearer. on official occasions it is now fashionable attire for both men and woman, adapted to the latest designs of shirts and evening gowns

Another attractive locally produced material is the songket. a brocaded material that has a design of gold or silver threads woven into the weft on a plain coloured background. generally worn on special ceremonial and religious occasions, the are woven in 2.5 meter lengths to be used as “kain”, as well as in narrower, shorter pieces for men’s “saput”, the standard hip cloth that men wear over the sarong. Scarves known as “selendang” are also popular for the requisite temple costume, and “udeng”, triangular head-cloths for men. This delicate material needs special care, and should never be washed, as the warp colours are not fast, a factor that guarantees permanent market demand

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